Monday, July 24, 2017

All the Pretty Colors!

You may know that I like making soap, some fancy, some cakes, but also some good old "Everyday Soap Rounds" Today I'll share images of the 9 flavors I have left. (Yes, there were 10, Dragon's Blood sold out at the Maryland Faerie Festival.)

Everyday Rounds are filled with goodies even though I call this my ordinary soap line, there is silk, clay, oatmeal, honey, yogurt, coconut milk & coconut water. All these items add luxury to your personal washing time. I love the creamy lather and the slick feeling of the clay and silk. Best of all, your hands aren't overly dry or squeaky after a good wash. Here we go...

Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer is for Watermelon!

 I've been wanting to make watermelon soap since last year! I thought I'd try it in Hot Process and keep it within my "Everyday Soaps" line. More of those in another post. I love the rustic and yet still fun look.

Wonderful stuff is in this soap! I've used mango butter, coconut water, kaolin clay, tussah silk, oatmeal powder, yogurt and honey!

These will cure and be ready by August 4th when we set up and at Havre de Grace's First Fridays. My "Everyday Soaps" are fun rustic's in a convenient size and still just $5.00. Anyone may reserve a Watermelon Soap. Just message me at my Bay Breeze Soap Facebook page.

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