Monday, July 24, 2017

All the Pretty Colors!

You may know that I like making soap, some fancy, some cakes, but also some good old "Everyday Soap Rounds" Today I'll share images of the 9 flavors I have left. (Yes, there were 10, Dragon's Blood sold out at the Maryland Faerie Festival.)

Everyday Rounds are filled with goodies even though I call this my ordinary soap line, there is silk, clay, oatmeal, honey, yogurt, coconut milk & coconut water. All these items add luxury to your personal washing time. I love the creamy lather and the slick feeling of the clay and silk. Best of all, your hands aren't overly dry or squeaky after a good wash. Here we go...

1. Cosmic, Blue, purple, natural and green tie dye with a little bit of gold dust. This one has a cute see-through star. Fragrance: Grapefruit Lily

2. Aqua Love, Beautiful aqua water color. Fragrance: Fresh Bamboo with a touch of Cucumber Melon.

3. Cherry Pop, Red and Natural swirl. Fragrance: Maraschino & Black Cherry with Ginger Ale.

4. Sunshine, Yellow, Natural and Golden Yellow. Fragrance: Verbena & Bergamot with Fresh Bamboo. My mom is happily using this one. Second place favorite of my Everyday Soaps- only 2 left.

5. Good Morning, Blue, Aqua and Natural. Fragrance: White Ginger & Amber and a touch of Fresh Snow and Bamboo.

6. Valentine, Pretty pink with a purple see-through heart. The see-through's are made with clear melt & pour soap. The shapes can be a bit distorted on some of the Everyday Soaps, but it's still cute. Fragrance: Lily of the Valley

7. Lilac, Purple with a see-through shooting star. Fragrance: Lilac by Bramble Berry.

8. Lavender Chamomile, Orchid and Natural. Fragrance: Lavender Chamomile from Nurture Soap. This one is my husbands favorite. Move quick on this one...only 4 left.
Did you know that Frank Sinatra wore Agua Lavanda exclusively? 

9. Juicy, Orange, Natural and Hot Pink with an orange see-through heart. Fragrance: Fruit Fusion by Bramble Berry. Not many of this one left. It's a walk up and smell favorite at our booth.

And that Dragon's Blood got away before I could photograph them. I hope something here tickles your fancy. These soaps sell online at my Big Cartel Store for $5.00 each. If you happen to live in my town....we deliver. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

These soaps are moving fast...can't say I have more than 6 of any now. (wow)

Our next market is August 4th in lovely downtown Havre de Grace for their "1st Fridays" summer Event. Following on August 19th & 20th is THE BIG ONE ELIZABETH! The Havre de Grace Art Show. I'm not just selling my wares there......I entered Bay Breeze Soap and was selected to exhibit. Please wish me luck!

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