Monday, September 26, 2016

Christmas Flowers

My first holiday soap. Sparkling roses in glitter snow and gold dust. Pastel green and pink layers with a playful poppy seed cream center. Golden Mica lines between the colors. The sweet and clean- "Lily of the Valley". My favorite and my birth month flower too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cabbage Roses

This is my first go at piped soap. Very pretty as a cut soap. Smells light and lovely of cherry/rose. I've added clay to this mixture. Clay may help to withdraw impurities and reveal softer skin.I had quite a time with the piping. It was my first time-EVER. So, for that experience, I did "ok". Try not to giggle when you see the whole loaf image. Practice is what I need.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to purchase my soaps

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Havre de Grace

100% Natural Coconut

Olive Oil Swirl

Concord Point

I've got one the the guys too!. Just the right manly size and shape. The scent is "Yacht Club". After my husband cut it for me, he named them "Concord Point". I like that!  BACK

Dirty Girl

Oh my! I've been cranking out soap! This one is to compliment my mothers beautiful bath bombs in her "Dyrtie Gyrl" collection. I'll just call mine "Dirty Girl". Clean & lightly fruity. Has that girly girl taking a bath smell. This time I've added little leaves and "candy" ball top. BACK

Avocado Hemp

One more until next week- Avocado Hemp. This one I've made for my husband. He thought those would be cool oils to soap with. The scent, balsam, took me for a ride! My 4th batch and I had a seize up. I was making 4 colors and the scent looked too dark for the white bucket, so I omitted it. Good thing. I wanted to do a swirl in the pot pour. The gold and dark green plopped into the light green base- stuff was taking the bowl shape fast! Awful like cold mashed potatoes. So, I threw in the gravy, I mean white portion, and it seeped into every nook and cranny as I rolled the now lumpy guacamole into the mold. Slammed it on the floor a few times (you're supposed to) and it was hard! I splashed some gold mica across the top, put it to bed and this is what we got. Steve has become my soap cutter- didn't he do great. 4-5 weeks and we'll see what we've got. Fingers crossed. BACK

Lily of the Valley

Soaping experiment #3. Lily of the Valley, and it came out wonderful! I need to learn the nack of hanger swirling. My aunt Edie loved the fragrance. BACK

Pink Pretty Unscented

Beautiful Fail. Batch number 2. Gosh it's pretty. First time with 4 colors. Plum bottom, pink swirled in, topped with a fancy 3 color swirl design. And let's not forget glitter! Speaking of forget.....I forgot to add 3 oz of Lily of the Valley fragrance!!! No fragrance at all. Good ingredients, I'll call this batch "Pink Pretty Unscented". There's somebody out there who prefers no perfume (actually me very often).  BACK

First Cold Process Soap - Lavender

Hi, maybe you'd like to follow my "learning to make soap journey" here at Bay Breeze Soap. I don't know just yet where I'm going with this....but I love the feeling of making soap from scratch. Friends and relatives can take an easy guess on what I'm giving out for Christmas! My first batch has turned out perfect. Smells wonderful, cut well. Lavender fudge! I made this last week and thought I'd be using the name Lighthouse...wrong.  BACK