Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Avocado Hemp

One more until next week- Avocado Hemp. This one I've made for my husband. He thought those would be cool oils to soap with. The scent, balsam, took me for a ride! My 4th batch and I had a seize up. I was making 4 colors and the scent looked too dark for the white bucket, so I omitted it. Good thing. I wanted to do a swirl in the pot pour. The gold and dark green plopped into the light green base- stuff was taking the bowl shape fast! Awful like cold mashed potatoes. So, I threw in the gravy, I mean white portion, and it seeped into every nook and cranny as I rolled the now lumpy guacamole into the mold. Slammed it on the floor a few times (you're supposed to) and it was hard! I splashed some gold mica across the top, put it to bed and this is what we got. Steve has become my soap cutter- didn't he do great. 4-5 weeks and we'll see what we've got. Fingers crossed. BACK