Monday, September 26, 2016

Christmas Flowers

My first holiday soap. Sparkling roses in glitter snow and gold dust. Pastel green and pink layers with a playful poppy seed cream center. Golden Mica lines between the colors. The sweet and clean- "Lily of the Valley". My favorite and my birth month flower too.

When we return to Tucson, AZ, for 6 months, I'll start making soap professionally. Steve, and I are starting Bay Breeze Soap LLC, joining the Soap Guild, getting insured and licensed to operate.

Really looking forward to making a video or two... My retired husband will be my cinematographer and I do edits (I'm retired from graphic art). Hopefully we can do most of our business online. I think we'll do some Craft Markets/Shows in the Arizona area. This time of year the weather is perfect!

UPDATE: They are all gone to good homes.

If you've tripped across and landed here while "surfing" drop me a hello- I was here note.
Hugs & Happiness