Sunday, April 23, 2017

Something New: My Soap as Cupcakes

Soap can be beautiful and wonderful to use. 

You may have seen soap as bakery items, it's too fun not to make these. My first adventure into cupcake soap started with "How did they ice that thing?" After some research I found out I could pipe fluid soap through pastry tips. Oh boy it was fun watching both videos on soap making and cupcake icing! This is an art too. Your real royal icing is not going to harden up on you and you learn to work fast! But iced soap is so divine to look at. 

 My icing process is still evolving.
Now, is it as good as the soap beneath it? Mine is. It's the same recipe. The difference being how I treat the soap batter compared to it's average cold process creation. In the cold process method, you mix your oils and ingredients and pour into molds. The soap continues on with a chemical reaction called saponfication. It becomes very warm and firm during that. If I plan to use some of the soap as icing it stays in the bowl and I gently fold and stir it to keep the soap from becoming solid for the time being. The light folding helps the soap to cool evenly and it will slowly develop a texture that holds a peak. Kinda like meringue holds a peak when it's ready. I'll make test peaks and watch to see if they hold shape. When those peaks are just right it time to move like lightning.

Quick quick quick
Quickly fill my pastry bag, with attached tip, and make concentric circles tightening in toward the top. Decorate with real candies or fruit and candy soap embeds. I have lot's of fun molds to create orange slices, cherries, strawberries and more. I use melt and pour soap base for most of my embeds. My cupcakes are then lightly sprinkled with glitter and WOW- you've got a very cute cupcake!

You don't like glitter? Well, it is very girlie. I put glitter on my soaps that resemble foods to help show that "this is not for eating". But something new is coming my way on the subject on glitter!  I've been improving my soap supplies toward being more natural and without phthalates and parabens- I just discovered bio-degradable glitter! 
You can check them out HERE at Nurture Soaps. I am going to completely switch to bio-degradable glitter!!! 

Snowbird Soapmakers

My husband, company President- Steve, and I are currently packing up our Tucson Arizona house as we will be RV traveling cross country to the Maryland condo in 2 weeks. Taking a boat load of pets too. We have lot's of markets to try......and I can't wait to share those craft shows as they come along! 

Thanks for visiting today. 
Peace and Love. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Cupcake Ingredients

What's in this soap? (well, it's my favorite recipe)
Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Goat Milk, Clay, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Mica, Phthalate free fragrance, Fine glitter and a cute paper straw.


Party Cake Cupcakes
Party cakes are my newest idea for cupcake creation. I saw some yummy bon bon's on a straw and the idea was born! These cupcakes are tagged and individually named by scent in their packaging. Generally the cupcakes are scented with floral scents. This is the Spring group. Each cake is "frosted" with real soap and then decorated. Some decorations are made with cold process soap, melt and pour soap or actual bakery candy's (which melt away in water). All my soaps that have the appearance of food are lightly sprinkled with glitter to deter someone from taking a bite.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Love Love Love Wax Melts!

     I first heard of wax melts from my sister who was supplementing her Christmas mad money by making and selling them. They smelled lovely, lightly scenting the room. At that time she was using the little melt units with votive candles. Since then I've rediscovered the wonders of having wax melts in my home. I have two warmers, both electric and with a deep 3 inch bowl. 
Love, love love these wax scents!! 

     I'm making wax melts now and there are several at our etsy store to choose from. Black Lavender, Vetyver, Fierce Blue, Summertime, Honey Shine, Pineapple and Night Glory Sage. All of my wax melts are chunky and large- just the way I like them at home! My wax melts, also called wax tarts, are made with soy wax, beeswax and quality fragrances I purchase from Bramble Berry.

     If you haven't tried wax fragrance at home yet- you are in for a treat. The wax melter, often called a Candle Warmer, is much safer than I'd given it credit for. Seems to make a fragrance last 24 hours. They run with very low heat, would not cause a fire. The wax too will not cause a fire. Way safer than a scented candle. Let all that worry go away in your head. Wisely you place the warmer in an area with low traffic and it rewards you day after day after day with the pleasant scents you add.

     Visit our new etsy store HERE. You'll see our cold process soaps too. 

Have a wonderful day, Vicki & Steve 

Wax use hint: use something oil resistant to melt your wax in, 
like a liner in your heated wax bowl.
Could be a silicone cupcake mold, could be a foil "boat'. 
I use a tin 3" mini pie pan. Works great and easy upkeep.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bay Breeze Soap Online Craft Show Resume Photos

Hi, It's been a year since my last craft show. And we are ready again to do a show here and there. We are Snow Birds too. My hometown is Havre de Grace, Md and I've been living in Tucson AZ since 1997. I show my lovely soaps in a white market tent, I have two, I like to use two when the weather becomes unbearable. Last year we also carried cards, candles, gift tag bubbles and Concord Lighthouse wreaths. All narrowed down to soaps this year. I still have some candles and wreaths (but will not be making anymore after they're gone).

This a photo essay/resume of my soaps going into the Spring craft season.

I love making soap! My online store is at BAY BREEZE SOAP, please drop by to see more soaps. At facebook you'll find us HERE.

Most of my soaps are vegan and I have goats milk soap too! The soaps are made with natural oils from Bramble Berry with certified sustainable palm. Luxury butters such as Avocado, Cocoa, Shea and Mango. Exotic moisturizing oils include: Hempseed, Meadowfoam, Pomace, Rice Bran and Sweet Almond to name a few. Natural colorants and Mica's. I like color but prefer not to use pigments and dyes.

I cater the the bather. I make easy to use shower soaps too, most of my soaps are fun to look at and can resemble pastries.

I use a 10x10 straight leg white bazaar tent. It has four sides and zippers. My color scheme is mainly Navy Blue and White, and my theme is Nautical. If electric is available, I will present a video showing me making soap from my Youtube channel.

Bay Breeze Soap is a LLC based Arizona. We also have a business license & tax number with AZ. While in Havre de Grace Maryland at our Summer home, we will be using a Maryland tax number.

My plans are to enter the Havre de Grace First Fridays Downtown Events, Maryland Faerie Festival, The Havre de Grace Art Show. Looking for other nice events as well.

Thank you for considering Bay Breeze as part of your craft show.
Peace, Vicki

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Moonlight Ice" CP & MP Soap Challenge

Iridescent sparkle and crystal clear ice in a cute soap. Blue, pink & lavender highlights on little tiny ice cubes. They look like ice in the moonlight. This month the Great Soapcakes Challenge is all about fun! Soap makers love (well this one does) to mix their melt and pour doo dads into cold process soap. I've had a ball playing around with lots of different techniques!

I've done the several kinds of Magma Mix and MP Embeds. Only one soap can be entered and I choose Moonlight Ice because of the extreme satisfaction I had with making and simply looking at it. I could have gone crazy with color (and I did try that on a different soap) but in the end I wanted a cool elegance and crystal clear windows. I got a thumbs up from my husband too. He way prefers standard cut soap over the fancy stuff.

Moonlight Ice...Bramble Berry Quick Swirl Oil...BB Caribbean Blue Mica
Stevenson Extra Clear Melt & Pour...Bramble Berry Lily of the Valley
Light dusting of BB Blue Slushy & Lavender, Nurture Soap Amaranth Pink
Cosmetic Glitter

These are the soaps I made in the CP & MP style practicing for the challenge to start.
Love this technique!

Pink Seashell
Crab Imperial
Maryland Crab Bisque
Lighthouse Blue
Pink Watercake Cupcake
Raspberry Lime Cupcake

The crab based soaps are actually made with a small amount of Old Bay Seasoning. The blue one is destined to the Concord Point Lighthouse Museum gift shop.

Thank you so much for the visit!
Peace & Hugs, Vicki

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pink Tiger Lily and The Soap Challenge Club

Speed Demon Video Included! Tap the YouTube button after the arrow click.

My Soap

My 20th loaf of soap! And I worked up the nerve to enter the Amy Warden Soap Challenge Club with the challenge "Tiger Stripes". I have never tried tiger stripes before and I spent lots of time studying how to keep my soap manageable and runny for the pouring process. The video's offered at Amy's site were a real help too.

At first I was very tense. Planning this soap was more intense than the other soaps I've made. I wanted to use my favorite color and cap with white. On top a little glamour with clear glitter and gold mica and pink mica soap shavings. My fragrance is Lily of the Valley by Bramble Berry- fab to work with! For some reason I kept thinking about the movie "What's Up Tiger Lily". 
Well, that last thought made me smile and convince myself to try something else I'd never done- 
soap at room temperature (overnight even!) How much more laid back could I get? Calming down lead to making my soap just the way I wanted it. I really couldn't be much more pleased- it turned out exactly as I planned. I wasn't quite ready for how long it's been taking to cut and handle the soap- but, oh well, it's curing nicely now.
It's simple, but sweet and romantic. Wouldn't a bunch of these in assorted colors be lovely!
I like the soap I made, I hope you've enjoyed them too.
 There are only 5 of these little guys and will be ready about January 24th.

Thanks so much visiting!
Vicki Swanson / Bay Breeze Soap

Monday, September 26, 2016

Christmas Flowers

My first holiday soap. Sparkling roses in glitter snow and gold dust. Pastel green and pink layers with a playful poppy seed cream center. Golden Mica lines between the colors. The sweet and clean- "Lily of the Valley". My favorite and my birth month flower too.

Still offering the soaps at $5.00 and 3 for $13.00 to friends and family. When we return to Tucson, AZ, for 6 months, I'll start making soap professionally. Steve, and I are starting Bay Breeze Soap LLC, joining the Soap Guild, getting insured and licensed to operate.

Really looking forward to making a video or two... My retired husband will be my cinematographer and I do edits (I'm retired from graphic art). Hopefully we can do most of our business online. I think we'll do some Craft Markets/Shows in the Arizona area. This time of year the weather is perfect!

If you've tripped across and landed here while "surfing" drop me a hello- I was here note.
Hugs & Happiness

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cabbage Roses

This is my first go at piped soap. Very pretty as a cut soap. Smells light and lovely of cherry/rose. I've added clay to this mixture. Clay may help to withdraw impurities and reveal softer skin.I had quite a time with the piping. It was my first time-EVER. So, for that experience, I did "ok". Try not to giggle when you see the whole loaf image. Practice is what I need. 
 My soaps  are still $5.00 & three for $13.00
Look for my etsy shop opening up in October. Thanks for visiting. Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to purchase my soaps

 Looking for a nice soap? Visit Bay Breeze Soap at

Maybe you'd just like to see what I have? Drop by our store, see the goodies, if you have any questions- just ask. Party orders are available too.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Petit Fours

 Cute Petit Fours- sweet enough to eat- but don't! These are guest soaps for bath display (and use). One unscented and four with "cupcake" fragrance. These are glycerin soaps. My step-dad seemed interested the benefits of glycerin. So I thought I'd give them a try out. I still have soaps for sale. Each $5 and 3 for $13   BACK

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Havre de Grace

The best saved for last. "Havre de Grace". Clean, fresh, sunny yellow skies, blue waters and our beautiful green land. These are my favorite of the group too. I've made 9 soap loafs this summer. All my soaps are for sale- just message me. I can mail and if you are local, we could met up. $5 each or 3 for $13. Thanks so much for visiting and checking out my soaping. Hugs. BACK

100% Natural Coconut

100% All Natural Coconut Bar. I just had to make one that was baby safe. So, my husband is looking forward to one of these. Very cute, I love the natural color and fragrance. By the way, all my cold process soaps are: Vegan, Cruelty Free, Organic Oils, Sustainable Palm, Non-toxic Colors & Micas and Phthalate Free!